About Coingaroo

Founded in 2019, Coingaroo’s business comprises of over-the-counter (OTC) trading and education on the public awareness of cryptocurrency. Coingaroo also provides personalized one-on-one professional service to customers with the aim of letting all clients to trade cryptocurrencies in a safer, faster and more convenient way.

Till now, Coingaroo has set up physical stores in Hong Kong and Kowloon. Our principal office is situated at Langham Place Office Tower, Mong Kok. Coingaroo is backed by a professional team of experienced and passionate talents with expertise on crypto-related investments.

Coingaroo is now planning to open another physical store in New Territories, with the aim of providing our professional services to all Hong Kong citizens. It is hoped that Coingaroo’s physical stores will be all over Hong Kong’s 18 districts in the coming future.

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Coingaroo’s Services

No matter if you only have little money to invest, or you have low risk tolerance or you are completely new to the crypto market, Coingaroo ensures you a safe, quick and convenient way to trade cryptocurrencies.

As an online cryptocurrency trading platform, not only can you buy cryptos from us, but you can also sell cryptos to us under a secured, bidirectional and transparent transaction without extra handling fees.

If you are concerned about the safety of offline large transactions, Coingaroo is the first crypto exchange store that offers Chauffeur Service, escorting you directly to our office. Besides, Coingaroo also provides a Blockchain Community for traders to exchange market information.

Trading via Coingaroo allows you to buy and sell cryptos under a secured, fast and convenient way, anytime and anywhere. You can enjoy a quality and satisfied trading experience with Coingaroo.