What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Trading Guidance for Beginners

Bitcoin (btc) is an application of blockchain technology. But is blockchain created for bitcoin? Or bitcoin is just a derived tester of blockchain? This is a chicken and egg situation that we will never know, unless we were Satoshi Nakamoto. Yet, it is undoubtedly that bitcoin is the earliest application of blockchain, and it is the most well-known one with the highest market value.

What is bitcoin? - Differences between bitcoin and common legal tender

要了解比特幣是什麼,先要知道比特幣「貨幣」和「虛擬」的特性。作為虛擬貨幣 (或稱加密貨幣),比特幣擁有貨幣的特性,可以當作貨幣使用。有些國家更已承認比特幣的貨幣性,通過國會認授比特幣交易。另外,支付行業的巨頭,如Paypal、Mastercard、Apple Pay 也表示接受或積極準備支援比特幣交易付款。 而比特幣的「虛擬」性則分隔出它與普通貨幣的不同。比特幣買賣,實際上是一串記載交易信息的二進制數字交換。與由政府或中央銀行控制的實體貨幣不一樣,比特幣並不受任何人或組織控制。比特幣買賣的價值則是由人對它的信任和供求關係所決定。

Is Bitcoin Trustable?

Before discussing the question, we need to understand the fundamental technology of bitcoin, which is blockchain. Ridding on the decentralization techniques of blockchain, bitcoin trading shares the features of unchangeable records. Simultaneously, it perfectly solves the biggest challenge for crypto trading, duplicate charge. Blockchain has brought bitcoin trading into reality by easing the challenge of duplicate charge, and thus giving bitcoin the value of money. If you would like to know more about blockchain technology, please refer to another blog entry forintroduction of blockchain.

Is Bitcoin Trading a Fraud?

We could read news about bitcoin fraud in mainstream media from time to time. It makes many people hold a skeptical view on bitcoin trading perceiving bitcoin trading as a not safe, too new, and immature instrument. Some may even just jump into a conclusion that bitcoin trading is a total fraud. Those sounds are escalating in the time when there is news reporting some are being robbed in their way to bitcoin trading. However, most biased perception about bitcoin trading is just due to the limited understanding of bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. If you do understand bitcoin, and blockchain, you will know the root of the problem is in people who involved, either than the actions of buying bitcoins, nor bitcoin trading, and no way for the technology. People lie, crypto doesn’t. Do your homework to understand the products, there is nothing wrong with bitcoin trading or crypto trading.

Safeguards that Coingaroo Offers

當然,作為負責任的公司,coingaroo在致力推廣加密貨幣之餘,永遠將客人的安全置於首位。了解到本地大額加密貨幣和比特幣交易的難處和風險,我們悉心提供免費跑車專車接送,以務求客人可以全程安全無憂地購買比特幣和加密貨幣。 另外,我們亦有在旺角和銅鑼灣設有門市和設立區塊鏈社群,方便客人了解虛擬貨幣市場和不同的加密貨幣平台資訊,促進大家的交流,以獲取第一手市場資訊。立即點擊加入我們的whatsapp 社群,開始你的加密貨幣之旅!