Bitcoin Trading is More Profitable Than Traditional Investment Market?

Bitcoin trading as a new investment instrument has gained widespread popularity in recent years. Under the pandemic, traditional investment market is covered by the economic uncertainty. Bitcoin trading market is then perceived as a high potential sector to usher in new era of crypto investing. Crypto trading is sweeping the global. International corporates in scale and cooperate investors are also adding bitcoins in their investment portfolio for risk diversion. Certain countries have also bought cryptos as their reserve assets. What makes bitcoin trading so impressed? And why bitcoin investment market is more profitable than traditional one?

1. Great Potential for Bitcoin Trading (Bullish Market)

Most crypto investors are attracted by the price of bitcoin trading. Bitcoin trading has great potential for capital appreciation. Bitcoin trading price has rose from US$9,545.08 in January, 2020 to US$34,622.37 in January, 2021, which has reached a 626.7% increase in a year. Bitcoin trading price has reached the top in March, 2021 at US$58,734.48 with year-on-year growth rocked to 805.9%. The huge capital appreciation potential in bitcoin trading as a result impressing many investors.

2. Instant Trade with Instant Settlement for Cryptos Trading

Besides, all crypto trading is an instant trading. There is no T+1 concern in bitcoin trading. Hence, when buying cryptos, like trading bitcoins, investor could receive the purchased amount of bitcoin instantly. Another bitcoin trading request can also be processed without waiting for trade settlement and clearance for the previous transaction from third party.

3. Uniform Price with Perpetual Crypto Trading Calendar

As cryptos are not owned by any countries, trading price for cryptos, including bitcoins, is identical in different corners of the world in all year round. Price differences only indicate the offering variants among various crypto platforms. Hence, cryptos trading, including bitcoin trading offer investors sufficient resilience and timeliness allowing investors to capture various opportunities of bitcoin trading. Bitcoin trading returns the entire control of cryptos trading to investors by establishing the cryptos trading platform with advanced security technology. The technology has also successfully solved the pain-points of trading and investment.

4. Diversifying Investment Portfolio with Crypto Trading

As there are root differences between bitcoin trading and conventional investment markets, professional investors and institutions are actively discussing about bitcoin trading market. News have also stated that many experienced investors are planning to enter crypto market by adding cryptos, like bitcoins, into their investment portfolio as a crucial investment hedge against risks for better yields. Since lots of scaled institutions entered crypto market with many experts in investment replied in the affirmative regarding cryptos trading leading to a prosperous bitcoin trading market.

5. Prosperous Outlook for Bitcoin Trading

Other than gaining profits from cryptos investment, many professional intuitions also hold a positive view towards bitcoin trading application in future. As what mentioned in another passage"What is Blockchain?”, bitcoin trading consists of the function of currencies in circulation, which is possible to become a widely adopted payment tool. Tesla had accepted bitcoin payment for car purchase. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has also stated that it is likely to support bitcoin payment again in the coming future. CEO of Twitter has also announced in its financial meeting that bitcoin will be a vital component for its future business. Besides, mainstream payment giants, like Paypal, Mastercard, and Apple Pay have also mentioned that they are on the way to support crypto payment. Some countries have already passed Congress to recognize bitcoin as a legal tender, and support bitcoin payment in a country-wide level.

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