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Coingaroo - Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Why choose Coingaroo OTC Trading Platform?

Coingaroo’s Over-the-counter (OTC) Trading Platform offers personalized one-on-one professional customer service to our clients. Clients can directly contact with our team of experts to trade cryptos in a secured, fast and convenient way with Coingaroo.

Once your transaction has been confirmed, The cryptos will be transferred to your deposit address instantly without involving new wallet creation, third parties authentication and we will not obtain any information of your money wallet.

Coingaroo offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies selections for trading. In addition to Stablecoin such as Techer (USDT), other major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ether. etc., they can be traded in different mainstream legal currencies.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to provide education for everyone without distinction and meet every request and answer every question raised from our clients. Coingaroo regards every client as a valuable friend. We aim to increase familiarity with the use of cryptocurrency locally in a positive way.

Why Coingaroo?

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